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Glass bottle grinding the difference between sand and sand blasting? ? ?? >>?????
Glass bottle grinding the difference between sand and sand blasting
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Glass bottle grinding sand and sand are carried out on the glass surface hazy, so that when the light through the chimney to form more uniform scattering, general users of these two kinds of process is very difficult to distinguish. The following respectively about the method of making two kinds of process and how to recognize.

1, grinding process: frosted refers to the glass into modulation good acid liquid (or contain acid paste) daub glass surface erosion by strong acid ammonium hydrogen fluoride in strong acid solution at the same time make the crystal glass surface. Doing good, grind arenaceous technology so abnormal frosted glass surface smooth, and produced by crystalline form scattering and hazy effect. If the surface is rough, explain acid on glass erosion is more serious, belong to grind arenaceous crafts master not mature performance. Or some there is still no crystals (commonly known as no ground into the sand, or glass has spots) also belong to the master process control is bad. The technology is difficult. The process the best performance for glass surface glittering crystals, it is in a critical conditions, the main reason is that hydrogen fluoride ammonia into the fast pin run out of time.

2, sand blasting process: this process is very common, it is a high-speed injection of grains of sand hit the glass surface, spray gun to form glass slightly concave and convex surface, so as to achieve the effect of scattering light, formed when light through the hazy feeling. Surface feel coarser sand blasting process of glass products, because the glass surface was damaged so look of the original Ming like white glass in glass bottle photosensitive. Technology difficulty.

Two kinds of process is completely different, frosting glass than gush arenaceous glass from the price is high, effect is mainly for the needs of users. Some unique frosted glass is not cooperation. From the Angle of the pursuit of noble, should choose frosted. Sand blasting process can complete the general factory, grinding process to really do well is not easy.