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The classification of glass bottles in Germany do you understand?? ? ?? >>?????
The classification of glass bottles in Germany do you understand?
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Glass bottles in Germany need according to the color delivery into different bins, this kind of glass bottles on the barrel has marked color, white or colorless, brown, green.

Glass interior necessary to clean up, can not have residual. Cover, cork, cap to separate processing.

Porcelain, pottery, clay, stone approximate glass class can't throw together and glass.

Bulb, tube, metal type, flat glass, glass doors and Windows, car glass, mirror, prevent hot very hot there or heavy metals added glass class. And not even all the optical glass in glass bottle class a trash can. And waste glass will not have a special car to home to clean up, the need to carry them to the fixed place away.

The government will issue a piece of junk cleaning schedule to every family, one with the name of the family's streets, and on time every week to clean up any garbage information. According to the garbage cleaning schedule, the day before the specified date to a fixed trash can (or bag) into the street. Rent in Germany, detailed requirements on the garbage classification of be sure to ask the landlord to clear, so as not to cause unnecessary punished or neighbor complaints.