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How much the color of the wine bottle ,do you know?? ? ?? >>?????
How much the color of the wine bottle ,do you know?
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Began to appear in the wine bottle just due to the limitation of glass manufacturing technology, presented in a glass products are all natural green, green bottle can stop some light into the liquid, can effectively prevent excessive oxidation of wine, to provide a good environment for wine storage.

Brown bottle

Brown bottle is now the most common bottle color, brown and green bottle a wine bottle, has a certain resistance to the light, and brown bottle filters degree higher than a light green bottles, more conducive to the wine aged preserved.

Although dark bottle can protect the wine to a certain extent, but in the process of storing wine still need to pay attention to avoid light preservation.

Transparent bottle gives a person the feeling of a kind pure and fresh and lively, the colour of the wine can be attractive to consumers, who give a person with relaxed feeling wine is most suited to use transparent bottles, such as white wine, rose wine and fruit wine, etc.

In addition, the transparent bottle can let the consumer more easily observed whether wine such as precipitation and impurities, convenient for the choose and buy of consumer. Although the transparent bottle is a sign of modern production technology progress, but in general, this bottle is more suitable for bottling within one to two years after drinking wine, or wine is easy to be oxidized.

Some time, in some areas, especially those who has a long history of planting areas, the color of the wine bottle is actually an inheritance of tradition.

So, when you see some white wine in bottle green or brown, also does not use feel strange oh.