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Glass bottles to mastering the convenience? ? ?? >>?????
Glass bottles to mastering the convenience
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Glass as a container, it enriched the life of people, in life we all brought us the convenience of in the glass bottle. Widely used glass bottles, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical reagent, wine industries are inseparable from the bottle.

Liquor bottle, for one, for example, champagne bottle, bottle, wide waist, neck rough bottom bottom concave, bottle wall thick, dark green, Italian dry bottles of wine is unique, the pot-bellied, general for the dark green; French bordeaux wine bottle, has high shoulder cylindrical, dark green, or brown; ALe lars slender well-balanced wine bottle, but the bottle slightly wider on the bottom of the bottle, is light green. National famous wine in bottle shape wheel rich and unique modelling left a deep impression to the person. Glass bottles to grasp the flexible convenience, to promote the sale of glass bottle by holding the product has a lot of help.

Glass bottle in production according to the array of products and flexible control convenience, such as glass bottle for holding people used to go out with products, can consider to put the bottle to make smart, easy to cheng fang, carry energy and so on. Glass bottles in terms of sales, if in the absence of the outer packing, want to consider commodity column effect, is advantageous to the shelves and display of the window, with consumers identify and purchase.