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Hello,Welcome in Rizhao baibo Packaging co., LTD
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Rizhao baibo Packaging co., LTD


Contact:Manager Qian



Address:NO. 169 yantai road,Rizhao city,Shandong

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Company profile

Rizhao exclusively for best bo packaging co., LTD. Automatic ranks machine production line 5, artificial line 20 nissan 800000 various kinds of glass bottles, existing staff more than 500 people, including senior vocational 58 people, quality inspection personnel 35 people, product quality strictly controlled, layer control, high-quality products win the favor of customers at home and abroad, some products exported to Japan, the United States, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Australia and other countries.

Our factory production more than 1000 varieties mainly include: bottles, jam bottles, pickles bottles, honey vinegar bottle, sesame oil, soy sauce bottles, glass bottles, glass bottles, beverage bottles, cans bottles, fermented bean curd, glass bottles, seasoning bottle, wine bottle, health wine glass bottles, medicine bottles, glass bottles, glass coffee cup, oral liquid bottles, etc., and can provide deep processing of glass frosting, lettering, porcelain, etc.

The company features:

(1) the optimal quality - in the industry, the most stable quality, white, the color the best finish.

(2) the credibility of the best - in the same industry, especially the supply customers, credibility of word of mouth is the best.

Truly, truly, I plant is willing with excellent product quality, price, look forward to becoming your fixed trade partner!